Kear provides innovative, labor-saving solutions to the fenestration and other industries as well as custom solutions.

Kear’s provides products to support fenestration and other industries. From our specialized equipment and products, to our unmatched service, our goal is to help you reduce labor, handling and waste, while increasing your productivity.

Kear specializes in the fenestration industry and our team of designers and fabricators produce innovative and reliable equipment for fabricating, handling and processing flat glass and other products.

Kear is a leader in providing the fenestration industry and others with a comprehensive line of handling products that are both cost-effective yet reliable. Initially, our focus was just on sourcing best-in-class products for our customers. We recognized the need to help them understand the pain points in their glass manufacturing process and provide recommendations of how different products could help them. Our services and products provide customers in the flat glass, solar and manufacturing industries with flexible, customizable solutions that offer a breadth of advantages, including:

Space Saving
Improved quality and consistency
Reduced material waste
Improved safety
Increased productivity

Among others we specialize in the following.