Double Side Glazing Rack


This double sided glazing rack of ours is suitable for production lines that value space and efficiency. Its cost-effective design gives you the flexibility to work on 2 products at the same time. What you get is:

1: One fixed side that is meant for the assembly of a product with a more consistent product

2: A side with a pneumatic lift that is convenient for the assembly of a product with a range of dimensions

However, you are not limited to this choice. We are able to make changes to the functionality of the rack to suit your requirements. If you need both sides to have a lift function, no problem, we got you covered! Just let us know and we will make sure to adjust accordingly.

Pneumatic Lift:

  • 26″ travel up and down (can be changed)
  • Capable to stop at any height

Ledge options:

  • Solid Ledge
  • Roller Ledge

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