Twin Level Harp Rack


Our twin level harp rack is designed for customers that value space. Though there is a slight decrease in the maximum height of glass you can store on each rack, it will be able to carry, store, and transport twice the amount of products.

This is ideal for customers looking to for ways to efficiently use the amount space their facilities can provide. As with all our carts, they are made to order and can be modified to fit your requirements.

Base Details:

  • Fully slotted – based on your slot width requirements or thickness of glass
  • 1/2″ HDPE Base Material (standard – can be upgraded)

Standard Features:

  • Protective plastic or rubber strips on all contact surfaces
  • Phenolic casters, 2 swivel and 2 rigid
  • Two levels
  • Divider rods covered with P.V.C. sleeves

Additional Options:

  • Floor Locks
  • Locking Casters
  • Forklift pockets & reinforced construction for shipping
  • Slot number label system

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Technical Information

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