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KEAR Fabrication builds thousands of products every year for the fenestration industry. From glass handling products to window and door assembly machinery, our Canadian made equipment is sure to satisfy both your production requirements and budget conditions. Whether it is for one of our predesigned products or for a custom-made item you want built, KEAR Fabrication has you covered.

We offer equipment used in the painting of Glass, Windows, and Doors. Our cost-saving paint stations and curing dollies are sturdy and reliable. Whether you are just starting your business or you have been in the industry for many years, choosing KEAR Fabrication products is a surefire way to satisfy your production needs.

KEAR Fabrication has been providing the fenestration industry with innovative and industry leading material handling equipment for more than 20 years. Our dollies, racks, work and transfer stations are all specially made to safely handle glass, windows, and doors.

KEAR Fabrication provides a range of customizable equipment that are essential when building your production line. Whether you choose to have a horizontal assembly line, vertical assembly line, or some sort of hybrid between the two, we got you covered. Already have a system in place and just need to replace or upgrade an existing unit? No problem, we can build you a work station that satisfies your needs.

We offer numerous equipment for the fabrication of IG units. From air float tables to inspection stations, we will help improve the efficiency of your production line. We can manipulate the dimensions, add pneumatic movements (lift, tilt, or raise), add suction cups, or use different types of materials (i.e. solid top or carpet top) for any of these easily customizable units.

KEAR Fabrication understands that health and safety is at the top of our customers’ priorities. Our lifting equipment relieves the need of having workers manually carry heavy sheets and heavy blocks from one place to another. Our equipment range from glass slings to pneumatic manipulators, all designed and built to meet your needs.

The bread and butter of KEAR Fabrication. Our racks and carts continue to set the industry standards when it comes to durability reliability. No matter the size or intended use, we will work with your requirements and build based on your needs.

We offer storage equipment for all types of products, no matter the shape and size. They are sturdy and reliable and can withstand all outdoor conditions. Whether you need them in your facilities or use them for transport, our equipment are designed to help you organize and decrease wasted space.

Our wrapping machines are designed entirely for the windows and doors industry and are built and assembled from the ground up. They are easy to use and alleviates the strain of manually wrapping your products from your workers. They can be pneumatic or motorized and vertical or horizontal, whichever your production line requires.

KEAR Fabrications provide tables for different areas of the production line. We offer tables that you can work on and tables that help you transport products from one work station to another. Since they are easily customizable, we are able to design one that specifically fits your needs.

Our transfer tables are one of the most popular items in our catalogue. They are very customizable, durable and cost-effective. We offer additional options as well that can make a simple caster transfer table into a pneumatically powered, multi-purpose work table.

KEAR Fabrication is always looking to innovate and provide our customers with newly designed products. We are not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to finding better ways to help improve production efficiency and safety. Here are some of the new equipment we have made in the past year.