Butterfly Table

Sold By : Kear Fabrication Inc.
SKU: K-41

The center piece of an efficient Insulated Glass Unit manufacturing process our line of Butterfly Tables are custom built to suit your individual needs.  Optional features include very large unit capacity, short cycle time, and fully automated operation.  A Butterfly Table reduces waste and improves accuracy.  Further increase productivity and quality by adding a K-47 Application Table and a K-46 Roller Press to your line.

Technical Information

Sold By : Kear Fabrication Inc.
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Product Description

  • Large Capacity Table
  • Short Cycle Time Pneumatics
  • Remote Terminal
  • Emergency Stop and Safety Guards

Fully Automated Operation Including:

  • Conveyor Driven Transfer and Centering
  • Glass Sensor Array
  • PLC Controlled Cycle
  • Multi-Unit Capabilities
  • Float/Vacuum Table or
    Caster/Suction Cup Combination
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